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Quantitative and qualitative analysis software for your business research

Transformative insights delivered to you quickly and with accuracy. From fast pulse checks to large global surveys, GroupSolver® is here to help you.

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Concept Testing

More important than knowing if customers like your new concept is to know why they feel the way they do. Allow your audience to give you the feedback you need for your new business ideas.

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Brand Perception

It’s time to turn perception into action. Let your customers do the talking and discover how your brand is seen by the voices that truly matter.

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Product Development

Create a product people want. From testing a new product or creating a brand, we’ll help your customers tell you their true thoughts and feelings.

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Customer Segmentation

Let us uncover your customers’ behavior on a deeper level. We’ll help you determine customer profiles beyond traditional demographic segments.

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Pricing Research

You and your customers deserve the best value out of your products and services. Learn how much customers are willing to pay and why. We’ll help from simple pricing tests to complex economic models.

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Brand Equity

Good brands evoke loyalty and command a price premium. You know your brand is valuable, but how do others view you? Understand how customers feel about your brand and where you stand against your competitors.

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Employee Experience

Employees are the heart of your company. Understand your team’s goals, challenges, and needs. Increase their engagement by giving them the voice they deserve.

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