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Financial Services

Collect faster and more meaningful insights.

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Tap into the minds of your customers

Use our platform’s capabilities to know not only what your customers think, but why they feel the way they do.

Learn about your customers’ preferences for your service

Using GroupSolver® to understand your customers’ desires makes business decisions easy. Save time and energy with scalable financial services market research.

Discover what features from your services are appealing

Find out which features make your customers’ lives easier. Whether they’re banking, applying for a mortgage, or paying a credit card, we’ll help you increase customer retention by lowering friction.

Understand stakeholders' financial services experience

Customers and employees are vital to your business. We’ll help you understand their stories to improve retention and reduce turnover.

Treat your customers right

Keep your customers happy. We’ll uncover the levels of user satisfaction with your service and provide actionable information.

Capture your employees’ satisfaction

Your dedicated employees are vital to your success. Give them a safe way to share their voice and contribute to a healthier employee culture.

Get the most out of your financial service research

Leverage our technology and team to help you with all your research needs.

Reach your target audience with ease

We have trusted panel providers that connect you to a global audience that meets your specific requirements.

Customize your financial services surveys

Our surveys feel like you are texting a friend. Use our platform to gain better data through a more engaging experience.

The GroupSolver® Difference

Fast, real-time insights

No more manual text coding. Our platform organizes answers into themes and calculates their statistical support as data is being collected, saving you time and effort.

Smart qualitative research

Built with brains, our platform uses a blend of machine learning and crowd intelligence to quantify qualitative data. No need to guess how your customers truly think.

Flexible for your needs

We offer various plans that fit your budget and research needs. And if you don’t immediately find what you are looking for, contact us and we’ll work it out.

Proven success in the financial services industry

Large bank refines checking account services after listening to their customers’ experiences.

Helping a major bank better understand the reasons why customers open a checking account and how their needs are being met.

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Discovering the right advertising campaign that works.

Choosing from several creative concepts for a new credit card marketing campaign, a credit union selected the one that resonated most with their target audience.

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Flexible options for your needs

Take a look at our various offerings that fit your budget and research needs.

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