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Concept Testing

Test your new business ideas and product concepts.
Less guessing, more action.

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The concept testing research solution for your company’s new venture

We help you understand which concepts stand out and where others are lacking. Let our experienced team help you get to the ‘what’ and ‘why’, quickly and with confidence.

Gain deeper findings from concept testing

Make smarter decisions with smarter insights. Our platform is agile and obtains the depth of insights you need to ensure your concept checks all the boxes.

Bring your concepts to life

Test your new product ideas. Get user feedback where it’s most valuable- including images, video clips, messaging, and audio. Learn what keeps your audiences’ attention or what doesn’t resonate.

Find themes within your customer feedback

GroupSolver® aligns your audience with the concepts they like best (or worst). No matter what concept you’re evaluating, we help you get the data to make informed decisions.

Determine what ideas move the needle

Allow your customers to share their feedback in their own words. Understand customer buy-in, what concepts excite the audience, and what will ultimately bring you the largest ROI.

Get insights about your concepts in real-time

No more manually coding, organizing, and filtering. Sit back and watch the data automatically quantify itself and come together in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Oh so satisfying.

Listen to the voices of your audience at scale

No audience size limits the possibility of getting the most out of your research. We get you the best insights whether your audience is in the dozens or thousands without any added work. Phew.

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Respondent Experience Researcher Experience

Proven concept testing success

Discovering the right advertising campaign that works.

Choosing from several creative concepts for a new credit card marketing campaign, a credit union selected the one that resonated most with their target audience.

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Driving packaged food sales with creative in-store displays and signage.

A packaged food manufacturer improved their in-store display and signage to move their products off the shelf faster.

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Flexible options for your needs

Take a look at our various offerings that fit your budget and research needs.

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A better way to smarter insights starts now

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Understand how specific attributes of the brand resonate with your potential and current customers.
Built-in live presentation solution.
Survey size:
• Up to 3000 completes per study
• Over 4000 completes monthly
Great for multi-language studies, trackers, market segmentations and others.
Research services:
10 included hours typically cover study design, programming, collection, monitoring and LiveSlides™ report.
Access packages:
• Unlimited teams and users
• Single sign-on (SSO) support
• Customized billing
• Unlimited API access