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Unique insights that drive results in the retail industry.

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Respondent Experience Researcher Experience

Find out what drives customers' decisions

Get real-time feedback through GroupSolver®’s online and in-store experiences surveys.

Increase customer satisfaction

Optimize every touchpoint across channels with in-depth insights on each stage of the buyer journey.

Find out why your customers are drawn to your brand

Discover what is driving customers to and from your brand so you can make improvements where it matters most.

Get to know your customer segments

Increase customer loyalty and brand recognition with a deeper understanding of your customer segments.

Personalize campaigns with customer shopping experience surveys

Find out what motivates shoppers in each segment so you can create more effective campaigns and increase conversions.

Leverage real-time customer feedback

Learn how your customers are talking about your brand while they shop with our retail customer experience surveys.

Instant insights to make business decisions a breeze

Stay ahead of the competition with a unique understanding of customers’ shopping behaviors and trends.

Smarter retail insights starts now with a customer shopping experience survey

Let our platform do the heavy lifting by automatically organizing and transforming your data into valuable insights.

Get better feedback with an enhanced survey experience

Keep respondents engaged with a customized and interactive study design that reveals the natural voice of your customers.

The GroupSolver® Difference

Fast, real-time insights

No more manual text coding. Our platform organizes answers into themes and calculates their statistical support as data is being collected, saving you time and effort.

Smart qualitative research

Built with brains, our platform uses a blend of machine learning and crowd intelligence to quantify qualitative data. No need to guess how your customers truly think.

Flexible for your needs

We offer various plans that fit your budget and research needs. And if you don’t immediately find what you are looking for, contact us and we’ll work it out.

Proven success in the retail industry

A sentimental favorite: supporting the relaunch of a loved toy brand amidst steep competition.

GroupSolver® helped a toy brand uncover their brand identity in an effort to successfully rediscover its path to customers’ hearts.

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Driving packaged food sales with creative in-store displays and signage.

A packaged food manufacturer improved their in-store display and signage to move their products off the shelf faster.

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Flexible options for your needs

Take a look at our various offerings that fit your budget and research needs.

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