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Brand Perception

Turn brand perception into action with real-time data and metrics from an intelligent survey platform.

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Find actionable insights for your brand perception strategy

GroupSolver® finds deeper brand insights by connecting your customers’ voices with their quantified impact on your brand.

Uncover your customers' opinions on your brand

Take brand perception a step further. GroupSolver® not only uncovers how your brand is perceived, but why your audience feels the way they do.

Find connection between brand value and purchasing behavior

Connect the dots between your brand perception and performance. See how your customers’ views align with their willingness to purchase.

Discover themes about your brand based on customer feedback

GroupSolver® summarizes opinions and draws out specific themes, so you don’t have to. Now you can understand which aspects of your brand leave the best impressions.

Step into the mind of your customer

Connect to your customers better. Go beneath the surface and find attributes of your brand that appeal to customers at an emotional level.

Measure your brand awareness with GroupSolver®

Trying to calculate the efficacy of your brand awareness campaign? Receive a score with GroupSolver® to understand how recognizable your brand is to potential customers.

Pinpoint perception differences in your customer segments

We make it easy to compare different segments and discover trends. Dive into specific customer groups and gain insight on their thoughts, sentiments, and behavior.

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Proven brand perception success

A sentimental favorite: supporting the relaunch of a loved toy brand amidst steep competition.

GroupSolver® helped a toy brand uncover their brand identity in an effort to successfully rediscover its path to customers’ hearts.

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Looking toward the future: testing university’s vision plan.

Helping a prestigious private university better align its vision across students, faculty, staff and other major stakeholders.

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