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Research Grants

Get a research grant to create societal impact

Our goal is to help you uncover answers to the important and timely questions society faces today. We provide the platform, tools, and expertise needed to conduct efficient research on critical issues without the expense.

About the program

We created Research Grants for academic researchers and non-profits to obtain and share fact-based answers to socially impactful research questions. We offer monetary grants and expertise to get you the data you need.

Full and free access

You’ll get free access to the proprietary GroupSolver® survey platform as well as editorial support and a web platform to publish your data and share insights.

Quick turnaround

Our technology allows us to collect and analyze data in real-time so we can get you valuable insights faster and with more precision.

Easy to understand

Our intuitive platform transforms data into visualizations so you can easily understand key insights. We also help create to-the-point analyses to share with the public.

Our latest Research Grants

Impact Brief

Providing Emergency Access to Healthcare in India: An interview with CEO Gayatri Mathur

A conversation with healthcare professional and Soondra Foundation CEO, Gayatri Mathur, who shares a deeper look into healthcare equity in India and how a small non-profit can make a tremendous impact.

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Impact Brief

The Till App: Connecting Restaurants and Community Members to Help Reduce Food Waste

Can you tackle food waste, food insecurity and climate change all in one app? The till app can. In this Impact Brief, GroupSolver partnered with the till team to help them collect feedback on their powerful app concept.

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Impact Brief

The Invisible Full-Time Job: Collaborating with an Artist to Recognize Caregivers

Caregiving, in all of its forms, is vital for individuals and society to thrive. However, it is often unrecognized and undervalued. We helped an artist research these issues to inspire an upcoming project.

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Impact Brief

How ‘Bout Now: Creating a new solution for BIPOC to access mental health support

Do all groups of people, especially those of the BIPOC community, have equal access and support to mental health resources? And how can we help?

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Impact Brief

Menstruation and Housing Insecurity: GroupSolver® helps gain evidence for creative solutions to increase resource access

Think Dignity partnered with the University of San Diego’s Changemaker Hub to develop innovative concepts that could help increase menstrual product access for those facing housing insecurity.

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Impact Brief

Lifting the Stigma: Study shows that disclosing epilepsy condition can improve the well-being of people with this disorder

Social stigma of epilepsy affects more than 60 million people world–wide.

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