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Case Studies

Success Stories

adidas TERREX develops an award-winning new product with help from GroupSolver’s innovative survey solutions

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Adidas XPLORIC parka

Large bank refines checking account services after listening to their customers’ experiences.

Helping a major bank better understand the reasons why customers open a checking account and how their needs are being met.

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Tastier snacking: helping a snack food brand introduce a new flavor to the market.

Customer feedback allowed a snack food manufacturer prepare to introduce a new product on the shelf and optimize its marketing mix.

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Price is right: introducing a new personal care product to a stocked shelf.

A manufacturer of a common skin condition treatment sought to introduce a new product for a crowded market, and find the right pricing with the help of GroupSolver®.

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With just 24 hours on the clock, major food brand found evidence to support their product launch.

When a major retailer and Fortune 500 food manufacturer disagreed on which Mexican food kit will make it on the shelf, GroupSolver® provided conclusive evidence to settle the dispute.

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Creating a safe space for employees to share their honest feedback.

Our anonymous surveys give employees a voice and helps management to create a better work environment.

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