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Brand Equity

Calculate the value of your brand equity to uncover your brand's worth.

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Understand your company’s value through customer based brand equity research

Brand equity can be an inexact science. It can be challenging to know how much your brand contributes to your success. We tie your customers’ brand associations with their willingness to buy your product. Problem solved.

Find out what emotions your brand evokes

Discover associations about your brand from your customers’ own words. We quantify and analyze their quotes to transform them into meaningful brand equity metrics.

Understand what your audiences connect with your brand

GroupSolver® takes you into the minds of your customers. You’ll learn why customers associate certain themes with your brand so you can create effective brand campaigns.

Connect brand associations with decision-making

Understand how your brand influences customers and their purchasing decisions. Determine which brand attributes make the largest impact on conversions.

Find the right price premium

How much more can you charge for a product with your brand name on it? GroupSolver® will uncover the answer and allow you to understand why customers value your brand name.

Accurately quantify your brand equity

Establish a statistical calculation of your brand equity. We use conjoint analysis and economic modeling to get it right. No PhD needed, GroupSolver® will do all the work.

Scope the competition

Pinpoint where your brand stands in relation to your competitors. Find out what sets you apart, as well as areas you can improve on.

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Proven brand equity success

Putting a new twist on a kitchen pantry staple.

Helping an iconic home products brand introduce a new sandwich bag displaying favorite movie characters that kids love (and parents buy).

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Tastier snacking: helping a snack food brand introduce a new flavor to the market.

Customer feedback allowed a snack food manufacturer prepare to introduce a new product on the shelf and optimize its marketing mix.

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