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Smarter healthcare insights from a broad network of healthcare professionals and patients.

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Respondent Experience Researcher Experience

Know your healthcare audience better

Learn from patients and employees about their experiences, preferences, and feedback on your research topic.

Gain healthcare patient experience solutions

We connect you with those from the day-to-day healthcare users to the hard to reach specialized care patients.

Uncover healthcare employee experiences

Gain insight into your doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers’ professional experiences and employee satisfaction.

Save time and effort in reaching your healthcare audience

We offer you the most value for your time and budget compared to traditional surveys or consultants.

Reach your target audience with ease

We help recruit hard to reach audiences through a global panel network, from physicians to patients with rare diseases.

Discover the qualitative behind your quantitative healthcare insights

GroupSolver®’s survey experience allows respondents to see and interact with answers provided by other patients or colleagues.

Get smarter healthcare insights

Smart decisions start with deep insights. Uncover the healthcare data you need to take action.

Get better insights with a fully customizable survey

Our surveys are designed to feel like talking to a friend, making it more engaging. The result: higher quality data.

Tap into our years of experience running healthcare studies to ensure the highest quality data and insights

We’ve worked with the top brands in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and provider organizations and given them the best insights of any survey provider.

The GroupSolver® Difference

Fast, real-time insights

No more manual text coding. Our platform organizes answers into themes and calculates their statistical support as data is being collected, saving you time and effort.

Smart qualitative research

Built with brains, our platform uses a blend of machine learning and crowd intelligence to quantify qualitative data. No need to guess how your customers truly think.

Flexible for your needs

We offer various plans that fit your budget and research needs. And if you don’t immediately find what you are looking for, contact us and we’ll work it out.

Proven success in the healthcare industry

Helping a major hospital group in the U.S. find their new brand identity.

How two established healthcare brands successfully merged their businesses and built a stronger brand.

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Price is right: introducing a new personal care product to a stocked shelf.

A manufacturer of a common skin condition treatment sought to introduce a new product for a crowded market, and find the right pricing with the help of GroupSolver®.

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Flexible options for your needs

Take a look at our various offerings that fit your budget and research needs.

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