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Pricing Research

Price your product with confidence. Ensure that you and your customers are getting the right value.

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Test product pricing with greater depth

Find the right price for your product and grasp what drives it, all in one step. Compare different pricing scenarios and find the one that puts you in the best position to win. Pricing research has never been this easy.

Conduct simple or comprehensive pricing studies

Whether you need quick or in-depth pricing research, we’ve got you covered. GroupSolver® builds robust economic models that uncover the answers you’re looking for.

Hit your price premium

Test different product options to choose the right one that is most appealing to consumers. Understand which attribute, claim, or idea gives you the highest price premium.

Connect opinions about your product to willingness to pay

Recognize which features your customers are willing to pay extra for. We’ll help you get the evidence to pick the most value-added features for your product offering.

Play around with "what if?" pricing scenarios to find your place in the market

Test different pricing options and how they stand against competitors. Learn how pricing determines potential market outcomes and how they may affect your market share.

Use our pricing tool to test out various pricing possibilities

Use our pricing tools for forward-looking insights to make better business decisions and increase your margins. No more guessing.

Our team will help you find the right price

We’ll guide you through your pricing research needs. Whether you need some advice to get started or would like us to build pricing models for you, we’re here for you.

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Proven pricing research success

Winning on flavor: introducing a new line of BBQ meat to a competitive industry.

How a packaged food company deciphered consumer preferences and market opportunities for a successful product launch.

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Price is right: introducing a new personal care product to a stocked shelf.

A manufacturer of a common skin condition treatment sought to introduce a new product for a crowded market, and find the right pricing with the help of GroupSolver®.

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Flexible options for your needs

Take a look at our various offerings that fit your budget and research needs.

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Understand how specific attributes of the brand resonate with your potential and current customers.
Built-in live presentation solution.
Survey size:
• Up to 3000 completes per study
• Over 4000 completes monthly
Great for multi-language studies, trackers, market segmentations and others.
Research services:
10 included hours typically cover study design, programming, collection, monitoring and LiveSlides™ report.
Access packages:
• Unlimited teams and users
• Single sign-on (SSO) support
• Customized billing
• Unlimited API access