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Why You Should Prioritize the Employee Experience

Discover how you should prioritize the employee experience to improve employee retention and morale and place you ahead of the competition.

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Employees working together

6 Steps to Employee Journey Mapping

Discover how you can start employee journey mapping to better understand how your team experiences the organization from hiring to termination.

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Free Pricing Survey Template

GroupSolver’s free pricing survey template allows you to get started understanding your market data to set the right price for your customers.

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In a league of their own: Former varsity-level collegiate athletes prove to have a more positive post-grad experience

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Amazon versus… Well, everyone. Shopping habits survey reveals Amazon Prime members’ tendencies.

How do Amazon Prime members get their shopping done? Read what we discovered in our consumer behavior survey from 200 Amazon Prime members.

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Qualtrics vs. Microsoft Forms: A Platform Comparison

Which survey tool is best for your business: Microsoft Forms, Qualtrics, or something else entirely? Weigh the pros and cons with this comparison.

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Best Software for Qualitative Data Analysis

Qualitative data analysis is a game-changer for effective market research. Find out which tool provides the most productive and thorough analysis.

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What to Know About Employee Experience Management

Dive into what employee experience management is, the role it plays in your business’s success, and how your company can get ahead of the curve.

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5 Steps to Building a Customer Persona

Customer personas are an easy and efficient way to refine your market research strategy. Keep reading to see how you can make your own.

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