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Customer Segmentation

Get to know audience attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors in a way that wasn’t possible before.

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Get to know your customers better than ever

Move beyond surface-level customer segmentation and into the behaviors, needs, and emotions that truly encompass your customers. We’ll help you characterize your customers more specifically than
traditional demographics can.

Build detailed customer segments

Create customer profiles that help you get to know your audience. We ask more “why?” questions, so you can get to know them at their core.

Identify customer attitudes and behaviors

Incorporate behavioral variables into your customer segmentation to get to know your audience so well, you feel like you’re in the room with them.

Get fast and easy statistics

Our AI Open-End™ elevates the analysis of your customer segments. We’ve made it quick and easy to statistically determine attributes that differentiate your customers.

Distinguish themes within customer segments

Generate specific themes that differentiate your customers. Quickly recognize answers that are correlated with particular customer segments. Collect distinct traits among your customers.

Reveal unexpected answers from customer-generated statements

Discover customer attributes that you never knew before. Understand how customers incorporate your products into their lifestyle beyond what you would have originally expected.

Target the optimal customer segments

With detailed and in-depth customer segments, you’ll be able to target the right ones more efficiently. Tailor your products and campaigns to suit the needs of your audience.

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Proven customer segmentation success

Shared values: understanding the connecting tissue of the ‘social media generation’.

Helping a social media giant understand their users’ shared values and the social causes they support.

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Breaking through traditional customer segmentation for a global tech giant.

Understanding music streaming customers at a deeper level through their behaviors and attitudes builds more meaningful user profiles than a typical demographics-based approach.

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Understand how specific attributes of the brand resonate with your potential and current customers.
Built-in live presentation solution.
Survey size:
• Up to 3000 completes per study
• Over 4000 completes monthly
Great for multi-language studies, trackers, market segmentations and others.
Research services:
10 included hours typically cover study design, programming, collection, monitoring and LiveSlides™ report.
Access packages:
• Unlimited teams and users
• Single sign-on (SSO) support
• Customized billing
• Unlimited API access