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Product Development

Design products with the guidance of your customers’ voices and agile insights – all in real-time.

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Conduct research and product development with confidence

Let us transform the voice of your customers into meaningful product solutions. Make smarter decisions with smarter insights.

Ideate new product concepts

Step inside the most valuable minds: your customers. Gather product ideas and proposals from your most significant audience.

Test product concepts

Stay ahead of the competition. Let your audience identify which are your strongest concepts and allow your team to bring these products to life.

Develop product claims that work

Alleviate yourself from the guesswork. Test and evaluate different persuasive marketing messages to reveal what product claims drive consistent customer purchasing.

See how you stack up against competition

Gauge your competitors and learn about your customers’ attitudes towards them. Gain purchase probability insights and find out what you’re up against.

Determine the right price

We combine robust economic modeling with your customers’ preferences, so you can accurately price your products and get the most value out of each concept.

Make fewer assumptions and better decisions

Gather customer feedback at scale and gain statistical confidence in the answers that matter most. Less assumptions, smarter decisions.

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Respondent Experience Researcher Experience

Proven product development success

Discovering the right advertising campaign that works.

Choosing from several creative concepts for a new credit card marketing campaign, a credit union selected the one that resonated most with their target audience.

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Putting a new twist on a kitchen pantry staple.

Helping an iconic home products brand introduce a new sandwich bag displaying favorite movie characters that kids love (and parents buy).

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Flexible options for your needs

Take a look at our various offerings that fit your budget and research needs.

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Explore more research solutions

Concept Testing

Brand Perception

Customer Segmentation

Pricing Research

Brand Equity

Employee Experience

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