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Case Study

Discovering the right advertising campaign that works.

Choosing from several creative concepts for a new credit card marketing campaign, a credit union selected the one that resonated most with their target audience.

GroupSolver helps uncover best credit card campaign
Finding highest-impact advertisement campaign

We helped our client understand which of the proposed credit card ads was most likely to prompt the target audience to seek more information and sign up. Besides identifying the winner, we explained why respondents felt that way.

Understanding the barriers for debit card users

To grasp the motivators and barriers to applying for a credit card, we asked debit card users for the reasons why they do not use a credit card today. This helped our client tailor their service and marketing messages to this segment’s needs.

Credit card usage and behaviors

To further help our client refine their credit card services for this target segment, we dove deeper into card usage and financial behaviors.

Testing a credit union’s creative concepts

Our client, a large American credit union, was interested in testing 5 advertisement campaigns for their new credit card. Besides looking for the best campaign concept, they wanted to better understand their potential customers, particularly the motivators and barriers to applying for a credit card. This research was targeted to residents of 5 specific states, of certain income, and included respondents primarily relying on debit cards as their main financial transaction instrument.

We created a study for our client that evaluated respondents’ feelings towards one random ad and used open-ended feedback from respondents to draw out themes that gave our client the ability to make confident decisions regarding their advertising strategy and credit card services.

Credit union finds clarity and selects winning ad campaign

Quantitatively, our study found that 2 of our client’s advertisements stood out from the rest. The open-ended responses became especially important, because that feedback became the deciding factor in choosing the ultimate winner. While we found that respondents were drawn to one of the advertisement’s captivating creative designs, the winning concept drew respondents with its simplicity and emphasis on the benefits of the credit card service. This campaign’s focus on rewards and cash back were the most influential factors our client could offer to promote more applications and conversion to their new product offering.

About the Client

Our client is a federally chartered credit union with headquarters in the Western United States. They are one of the largest credit unions in the nation by membership and total assets.

Financial Services
North America
Concept Testing & Product Development

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