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Case Study

Driving packaged food sales with creative in-store displays and signage.

A packaged food manufacturer improved their in-store display and signage to move their products off the shelf faster.

GroupSolver helps mass retailer understand product display and signage
The most appealing in-store displays

GroupSolver® project identified the concept with the highest purchase intent out of 12 different display and signage ideas. We found what motivated shoppers to select the winning concept.

Creating a better shopping experience

Shoppers told us that the winning concept best conveyed the aspects of their shopping experience that mattered most to them.

Displays that stand out from competitors

We found the most appealing display ideas to help our client’s brand stand out on the shelves and among competition.

Developing more effective displays and signage

Our client, a multinational food manufacturer, was working with a major mass retailer to make their store presence distinct and build in-store displays that would lead to a better shopping experience and ultimately drive sales. To select the best concept, they wanted to understand why respondents shop at this mass retailer and how our client’s signage can better align their expectations with the brand. Some specific research questions we answered included:

  • Which in-store display and signage concepts are most appealing to the shoppers?
  • Why do people shop at this retailer?
  • Which display ideas would lead shoppers to purchase more pre-packaged food offered by our client?

Our client enlisted the GroupSolver® team to uncover the answers to these questions and identify the concepts that would produce the highest return on their marketing investments.

Identifying the most profitable concept

In the study, we tested 12 in-store display and signage concepts to discover the most appealing ideas. We identified the concepts that led to the highest purchase likelihood and the reasons why customers preferred them. In addition, our AI Open-End™ technology gave us a robust understanding of why customers shopped at this retailer and how their experience reflected in their preference of our client’s signage. Specifically, we found that display concepts that highlighted ingredients for simple meal recipes and those featuring lower shelves and more space to walk were more appealing than concepts relying only on signage. Moreover, shoppers said that the main reasons for them to shop at this store were convenience, time-saving, and cheaper prices, which were consistent with the main attributes of the winning in-store display concept.

Getting more out of in-store displays

Using GroupSolver® research, our client was able to implement the most successful concepts identified in our study and create a more consistent shopping experience for their customers. Moreover, the display improvements helped their brand stand out from competitors in the mass retailer.

About the Client

Our client is an American multinational food manufacturer and the retailer is an American chain with over 16,000 stores in the United States alone.

CPG & Retail
North America
Concept Testing

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