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Case Study

A sentimental favorite: supporting the relaunch of a loved toy brand amidst steep competition.

GroupSolver® helped a toy brand uncover their brand identity in an effort to successfully rediscover its path to customers’ hearts.

GroupSolver helps uncover brand perception for relaunch
Discovering brand identity and its unique attributes

Our client wanted to understand how their toy brand, missing from the market for a number of years, is perceived on key attributes such as quality, durability, and toy selection.

Finding leaders in the toy industry

We helped our client assess how their brand is likely to compete after the relaunch and what it would take to become a market leader.

Uncovering customer preferences

GroupSolver® revealed what toy brand and product attributes are most important in their customers’ journey to succeed post-revival.

Gaining deeper insights on our client’s toy brand

GroupSolver® worked with a premium American toy brand planning on making a return to the market. Our client was interested in understanding the brand equity that the brand still carried with customers who shop for toys in specialty stores, high-end department stores, and online outlets. They wanted to see where they stood compared to their competitors. These are the key research questions we answered for our client:

  • What brand attributes are important to customers when shopping for a premium toy?
  • How does our client’s brand rank on these attributes compared to competitors?
  • When customers choose to purchase from the client’s brand, is it a rational or emotional selection? Why?

Customers’ voices ring true for the brand’s return

Our study found that quality and durability were the most important attributes for customers when selecting a toy brand. Despite missing from the shelves for years, our client was ranked highly on both of these attributes. Moreover, respondents had a strong emotional association with the brand, reacting quicker to associate our client’s brand on these important attributes than competing brands. This showed that our client’s brand remained top-of-mind for customers in comparison to their competitors.

These findings helped give our clients additional confidence for their relaunch. As a result, they continued to successfully bring their brand back to life and open multiple locations across the globe.

About the Client

Our client is an American toy brand and retailer that is known for its high-end toys, such as life-sized stuffed animals, and games. They carry their own line of products in addition to various well-known toy brands.

Brand Perception

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