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Generative AI has arrived in Market Research: One Reason to be Excited, One Reason to Worry, and One Reason to be Hopeful

What is it with generative AI? Should we start thinking about the world post-online surveys? Will AI simply sit atop the data universe, and will the art of customer insights boil down to being able to write the best Chat-GPT query?

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On the virtue of staying curious…

…or why it is so hard to ask why. GroupSolver CEO Rasto Ivanic reflects on how he stays curious and why he chooses to invest in it.

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Sparking employee initiative in the post-COVID workplace

Psychologist and Coach, Martina Matusova, explores the concept of initiative and its relation to employees’ mental health in the workplace.

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Should We Be Worried About AI Becoming Sentient? Spoiler Alert: Not Yet

We want to set the record straight on AI Sentience. Read more to see if our researchers think the topic is a valid point of concern.

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A Mental Health Conversation: Two Unique Experiences From Our CEO and Marketing Manager

Mental health awareness is important and necessary to talk about, especially in the workplace. Read these essays written by our CEO, Rasto Ivanic, and our Marketing Team Lead, Balbina De La Garza about their personal mental health journeys.

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The Price is Not Right: Retail in the Time of Inflation

Is this the new “new normal”? GroupSolver taps into the minds of American citizens as everyday items such as food and gas prices soar due to inflation.

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The Future of AI Driven Market Research

What will the future of market research look like? How has artificial intelligence impacted the industry? In this insightful conversation, GroupSolver’s CEO and Senior Research Team Lead share their first-hand perspective on how AI tools can be used, their challenges, and what’s next for AI-driven market research.

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The curious case of failed electoral polls: four take-aways for political pollsters from a customer insights researcher

The growing success of new commercial online survey techniques and technologies may offer a roadmap for improving polling performance.

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Black Lives Matter.

Are you listening to the cries of your fellow Americans? 

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