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Q1 Product Update: Enhancements to QuantQual, Heatmap Question, and more

In the past few months, our team has been working diligently to innovate the platform to better serve your needs. We have a lot of exciting updates to share with you in this Q1 product update. Let’s dive in! QuantQual is now available for all customers and has multiple major improvements After 2 months, when […]

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GroupSolver Q1 Product Updates

QuantQual™: You no longer need to choose between qualitative and quantitative research

Combining the scale and confidence of quant with the depth of understanding of qual in one platform.

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How does GroupSolver compare to Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, Remesh, and Forsta?

Curious to know how GroupSolver stacks up against other leading market research companies? Get the need to know information here.

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IdeaCluster™: the fastest way to build a story from open ended data

A text-box approach to asking open-ended questions will always miss one critical aspect to such data, a multi-dimensionality that is readily available to data collected as multiple-choice questions calculated as correlations between any two answers.

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IntelliSegment™ uncovers nuances in customer stories

Quantifying qualitative survey data often becomes an exercise of “let’s just get finished with it,” but looking for nuance in answers to open-ended question can tell us something distinctive about specific segments of respondents.

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Open-ended questions deserve better than the plain old text box treatment in online surveys

To illustrate some of the common challenges with the text box, we have reviewed data from a recent study where we deployed this traditional approach.

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