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Case Study

With just 24 hours on the clock, major food brand found evidence to support their product launch.

When a major retailer and Fortune 500 food manufacturer disagreed on which Mexican food kit will make it on the shelf, GroupSolver® provided conclusive evidence to settle the dispute.

GroupSolver helps a Forutne 500 with 24 hour turnaround insights
Delivered results within 24 hours

Our client needed to quickly test a new food product concept to convince a major big box buyer, whom they were meeting the next day.

Explained why the choice was right

Using AI Open-End™ technology, we helped our client prove why the chosen product concept made sense to put on the shelf.

Proved customers' purchase intention

An essential aspect of launching a new product is understanding how it will fare the market. We found that consumers were highly likely to choose the new food kit versus other kits already on the shelf.

Creating a food kit that customers could fall in love with

Our client, a global manufacturer of branded consumer foods, wanted to test a Mexican food kit that offered a fresh spin on the traditional market offering. They needed to better understand whether customers at a big box retailer would find this new idea enticing. The main research questions included:

  • What is the likelihood that the wholesale customers purchase the new kit concept?
  • Why would respondents buy this innovative concept?
  • What specifically do customers like or dislike about the kit?

The GroupSolver® team had 24 hours to answer these questions and provide actionable insights in time for the meeting with the buyer.

Conclusive evidence on consumer preferences with GroupSolver®

Using platform tools including AI Open-End™ and IdeaCloud ™ technology, the GroupSolver® team quickly uncovered what wholesale shoppers thought about the new food kit and how it would fare in the market.

Our research garnered important results that helped our client negotiate. These were:

  • Respondents were very likely to purchase the new kit, and the product was likely to do well on the shelf.
  • Respondents generally liked the flexibility this concept offered and thought it made making the specific meal more convenient.
  • Potential customers also highly appreciated the idea that this kit made preparing for a party easier.

Launching a successful product

With the help of GroupSolver® research, our client convinced the major big box retailer to put their new product on the shelf. The speed of insights was instrumental to our client, who often must react quickly to changing market conditions for their more than 100 brands. When major decisions need to be made quickly, having the partner like GroupSolver® that moves as fast as they need to can be a definitive competitive advantage.

About the Client

Our client is an American manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer foods. They distribute their products to retailers in over 100 countries.

Concept Testing

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