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Case Study

Helping a major hospital group in the U.S. find their new brand identity.

How two established healthcare brands successfully merged their businesses and built a stronger brand.

GroupSolver helps two major healthcare brand merge
Faster research time and insights

Getting feedback from many stakeholders takes time. Our platform helped reach customers and employees quickly and gave them the voice management needed to hear their thoughts.

The “why” behind the low customer ratings

Part of the rebranding effort was to improve how customers perceived the company. We helped to quickly uncover those most important areas of improvement.

New company name and logo

Our research tools made it easy to find which elements of the company’s brand identity worked and what needed a change.

Building an entirely new healthcare brand

Our client, a hospital network on the East Coast, was in the process of completing a merger. Part of this process was to create a new business identity, including a new name, logo, and branding. A major stakeholder and influencer group our client needed to reach, understand, and convince were the physicians. These were the key questions they needed to answer:

  • How familiar were the primary physicians with the client’s existing two brands?
  • What were their perceptions of the two brands—the good and the bad?
  • How likely were they to refer their patients to them?
  • What factors influence doctors when recommending healthcare services to their patients in general?

Oftentimes in customer research, while the questions themselves are straightforward, getting good quality answers is anything but easy. One of the main challenges of healthcare studies is reaching the target audience. Collecting data from healthcare practitioners, especially doctors, can be time consuming and expensive. Another challenge is ensuring the data quality and getting answers beyond surface-level and obvious responses. Luckily, GroupSolver® makes it easy to address both challenges.

Deeper healthcare branding insights with the help of GroupSolver®

The GroupSolver® team reached over 80 referring physicians whose responses helped us understand what influenced most where they refer patients. Our data showed that convenience of specific clinic location, acceptance of different insurance plans, and accessibility for their patients were the main factors that influenced referral decisions.

We found that familiarity with both brands was low and both brands differed in how they were perceived. Those who were familiar with the client’s brand thought that the brand stood out for being caring, providing reliable and quality care and helping the community. Those familiar with the client’s partner associated the brand with a broad range of professional healthcare. Both brands were thought to benefit from providing more timely services and increasing the number of convenient locations.

A new start and a birth of a brand

Today, our client has successfully built a new brand identity on the strength of its history of caring for the community. The new brand continues to be familiar, yet it offers the new promise of providing more convenient and timely services to its patients at many more locations. The data collected in our study gave them confidence to launch a new name and identity that encompasses both brands’ strengths. Our platform provided this client with the confirmation they needed to create a better experience for both physicians and patients, as well as a fresh start within the healthcare space.

About the Client

Our client is a hospital network in the New York area focused on behavioral health, among other services. They continue to serve high quality care to hundreds of thousands of patients in their state.

North America
Brand Perception

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