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What to Look For in Customer Feedback Tools & Software

Mar 29, 2022

When it comes down to it, so much of running a successful business is all about psychology. You need to know what customers want to make a product or service that appeals to them. You need to know what messaging will get through to them so you can market your product well. We won’t even begin to cover the amount of psychology involved in understanding your customers, but we’ll bring you up to speed on the basics.

In other words, knowing your customers is key, and the best way to get into their minds is with customer feedback software. Of course, the tool you choose will impact the value you’ll get from it: the quality of the results, the time-effectiveness of the project, and even the number of customers who respond. So where do you begin?

Top Features to Look For in Customer Feedback Software

There are countless customer feedback tools out there, but no one has time to try them all. Use this checklist of must-haves to see which tools are worth a second look.


No two businesses are exactly the same in the feedback they need. Your priorities and details will be different based on your industry, your product or service, your customer base, and what exactly you’re trying to learn. Your ideal customer feedback tools should be customizable enough that they can smoothly fit your needs. You should also be able to use the tool for multiple purposes: testing the idea for a new product, finding out what customers think of your current product, and so on.

Opportunity for Authentic Responses

Depending on the way they are set up, some customer feedback tools can limit the value of your results more than you realize. For example, if they can only accommodate and tabulate multiple-choice questions, customers can only select from the options you give them. Their real answer might not be on the list and it may have been incredibly informative and insightful, but now you’ll never know. Instead, look for customer feedback software that allows customers to give authentic answers so you get their real thoughts and ideas.

Production of Applicable Data

The right customer feedback software doesn’t just collect information; it also puts that information into a report that is actually usable and readable. If your software surveys customers and gives you back nothing but a compiled list of responses, it’s up to you to analyze the data and draw conclusions. That takes time, assuming you or someone on your team has the skills or resources to conduct this analysis in the first place, and time is money. To invest in cost-effective software, make sure your tool gives you all the data you need but also provides you with conclusions, summaries, and other actionable data points.

User Friendliness

This piece has two components: the right customer feedback tool needs to be user-friendly for both the person setting up the survey and the people taking the survey. If it’s too time-consuming or difficult for your team to set up, you may not be using the features to their best potential, and it makes the overall process more costly because you’re adding the cost of employee time. On the other side of the coin, if the survey is too difficult for respondents to navigate, they’re likely to give up and leave the survey unfinished, giving you less data for the money you’ve invested.

Consistent and Comparable Results

No customer feedback survey should exist in isolation. You want to be able to compare your customers’ opinions and perceptions over time to see how they change (or don’t change). For that reason, you need customer feedback tools that provide a streamlined report that is consistent and comparable from one survey to the next.

Global Access

If your business is available to customers around the world, your customer feedback software needs to be globally accessible too so you don’t miss the insights of large portions of your customer base. The same is true if you have aspirations of expanding your business to international audiences. Make sure your feedback tool is technologically and legally accessible in all areas of the world you need to reach.

How GroupSolver Checks All the Boxes for the Ideal Customer Feedback Software

If you’re looking for the best customer feedback tools that check all the boxes above, you can look no further than GroupSolver. Our AI survey tool is specifically designed to give you the most authentic, comprehensive, and actionable data you can get from your customer base. GroupSolver is customizable for essentially any purpose: product testing, brand analysis, customer experience evaluation, and more. At the same time, it’s user-friendly for survey creators and respondents alike, giving you more bang for your buck.

Want to see for yourself what GroupSolver has to offer and how it can fit your purpose? Schedule a demo today.

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