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Case Study

Creating a safe space for employees to share their honest feedback.

Our anonymous surveys give employees a voice and helps management to create a better work environment.

GroupSolver helps give employees a voice and a safe space
Quick turnaround time

Administered as a regular pulse check, each collection round lasts about one week. Aggregated feedback is updated in real time and available to everyone in the company via interactive dashboard.

Honest and clear feedback

Employees share their true thoughts and feelings anonymously without a fear of embarrassment or consequences for their career.

Track results over time

Over time, the tracker survey helped management see trends and react to them quickly.

Employee experience comes to life quickly and efficiently

A tech start-up with employees across different physical locations has been growing not only in number of customers it serves but also in the number of its employees. The company that prides itself on being an open, inclusive, and diverse group of people, recognized that to live up to that aspiration they must periodically connect with its employees, check their pulse and respond quickly with action. Since employees are the most valuable assets to any technology company, ensuring that everyone regardless of their location has an opportunity to speak up and be heard is vital to company’s culture and growth.

Some of the questions employees answered during the pulse check include:

  • How satisfied are you with your contribution to the company?
  • Is the company on the right track to success?
  • Do you see yourself being part of the team in the future?
  • What new features that the company plans to launch are you most excited about?
  • What worries you the most about the company culture?

The company shared the link to the study in their internal communication channels and collected data within a few days to a week.

A safe space for all voices

The survey design for the company’s team barometer has both close-ended and open-ended questions to get wide and deep data. The close-ended questions allow employees to rate their current feelings and experience on specific key metrics. For instance, one question asks: “Is the company on the right track to being successful?”. The open-ended questions help dive deeper and allow employees to explain in their own words how they felt about the company’s culture, what they were excited about, and what worried them. Because our surveys are anonymous, the pulse checks have become a safe space to share thoughts without fearing consequences and therefore are a part of the company’s open culture.

Looking within to improve the company culture

The survey pulse checks give honest and unfiltered feedback from the voices of the company to the leadership. Numerical metrics show clear trends over time, and written answers give management a better understanding of the culture, what areas they need to improve upon, and what is currently working well. With findings shared across company in real time, the startup’s management team periodically gets together with the team to discuss the feedback to make sure their employees feel heard, included, and comfortable.

About the Client

The company is a West Coast-based tech research start-up that uses a unique blend of crowd intelligence and machine learning to quantify qualitative data. Through their intelligent platform they help uncover deeper insights faster and more reliably than traditional research methods. Yes, you guessed it—this story is about us. 

Employee Experience

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