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Football fans share their predictions and opinions on the upcoming 2022 Super Bowl

Feb 9, 2022

The biggest football event of the year is quickly approaching and football fans across the nation are gearing up for kickoff. In case you aren’t a super fan, let us fill you in; The 56th Super Bowl will showcase the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals battling for the champion title at the Ram’s home stadium, SoFi Stadium, on February 13, 2022.

Football betting experts predict this will be an exciting game to watch, as the LA Rams are only favored by 4 points. But we were still curious what others had to say. We checked in with 203 football fans to get their takes on the outcome of the game and how they’ll be spending their Super Bowl Sunday.

Fans’ preferred Super Bowl outcome doesn’t always align with their predictions

Fans are slightly in favor of the LA Rams, as 45% of them prefer a Rams win while 41% prefer a Bengals win. However, it appears some Bengals fans may be doubtful of their team’s ability to bring home the trophy, as even more respondents believe the Rams will win; 49% of fans predict a Rams win and 38% predict a Bengals win. 81% of those who are cheering on the Bengals even admit they want to see the Bengals win “Because they are underdogs”, and this may explain the gap between preference and prediction.

Football fans Super Bowl game outcome preference

Football fans' Super Bowl outcome predictions

Super Bowl bettors favor the underdog

28% of fans state that they will be placing a bet on the outcome of the game. Even though 47% of these bettors state that they prefer a Rams win, we expect that 81% of them are betting on the Bengals winning the game. Although this seems contradictory, it makes sense considering there is an incentive to pick the underdog team because of the possibility of a higher payout.

Other popular bets being placed are “That it does not go into overtime” (74%), “Player props” (60%), and of course “Rams win” (67%).

Regardless of what bets they make, Super Bowl bettors overwhelmingly agree that placing a bet makes the game more entertaining. 91% of respondents who are placing a bet agree that betting makes the game more enjoyable to watch. I guess we will have to wait and see if their predictions play out…

More Super Bowl insights from our AI powered survey platform

Find the rest of our Super Bowl study insights in the slideshow below. Discover football fans’ plans, favorite game day foods, the artists they are most excited to watch at halftime, and more!

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