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American Travel Habits in 2021: Nearly 40% of respondents have never left the country

Dec 1, 2021

After learning that a shocking number of Americans never leave home in a 2018 New York Post article, we were curious to dive into American travel habits in 2021. Of course, travel habits have been drastically impacted by COVID-19, making it the top barrier that prevents passionate travelers from taking trips (87%). Other expected barriers to traveling include insufficient funds (69%), having a job (56%), and needing to care for pets (35%) and children (10%).

Some simply don’t have the desire to travel. Around 15% say that they are not passionate about traveling. Many of them “Do not mind doing things nearby” (74%) or find that “Traveling can be exhausting” (64%). Others may “have some anxiety about traffic in big cities” (61%) or would just simply “rather be home” (61%).

Similar to the study referenced in the New York Post article, our results show that 37% (40% referenced in NY Post) of respondents have never traveled outside of the country. Those with lower income are less likely to have traveled outside of the country for leisure. Over 50% of those who earn less than $34,000 per year have never traveled outside of the country.

Check out the rest of our findings in the infographic below!

American Travel HabitsAmerican Travel Habits

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