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A long road ahead

Apr 8, 2021
GroupSolver infographic about covid

There’s a long road ahead before the pandemic is over. Not only are we worried about our health, but issues regarding the economy and our countries’ leadership are on top of mind.

In our most recent Covid-19 pulse check, we found that most are unhappy with the economy’s performance, stating that the current situation is “bad for small businesses” (79%) and that “the government has not reacted timely” (57%). In addition, with November elections coming up, citizens are feeling “anxious” (71%) and “very worried about the outcome” (57%). Clearly things are tense in our country, and the fact that we have a while before we see the end of the tunnel with the pandemic makes things more complicated.

Check out the full insights below!

covid pulse check infographic covid pulse check infographic

N= 419

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