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Case Study

adidas TERREX develops an award-winning new product with help from GroupSolver’s innovative survey solutions

GroupSolver worked with adidas TERREX to help craft the ideal jacket for city dwellers, using guidance from their own voices. With GroupSolver’s intelligent survey platform, adidas TERREX was able to develop a product that customers love and is recognized by the industry.

Adidas XPLORIC parka
Understanding consumers’ lifestyle and daily pain points

The first step was to understand the true behavior and needs of the customer. GroupSolver uncovered the daily tasks and challenges of the consumers, so that the adidas TERREX team could craft the perfect jacket that fit their use cases.

Listening to consumer’s unique preferences

The audience voiced their opinions on GroupSolver’s intelligent survey platform about what makes the perfect jacket and helped uncover how certain jacket characteristics would impact their purchase decisions.

Implementing customer voices into the product design

After understanding the audience’s emotional and tangible needs, the adidas TERREX team confidently added unique features to their final product: the award-winning XPLORIC parka.

Immersing product designers into the daily lives of consumers

It all started with understanding the true behavior and needs of consumers. To do this, adidas sought a partner who could facilitate consumer-centric research. GroupSolver allowed the brand to hear directly from thousands of consumers across multiple countries and in 7 languages, all while extracting meaningful themes, punctual comments and valuable insights. GroupSolver and adidas, together, were able to answer the burning question, “What makes the perfect jacket?”

Collecting consumer thoughts and opinions from the source

GroupSolver’s approach to asking the right questions helped the adidas TERREX team to immerse themselves into the lives of their consumers and create better solutions for them. The study grasped the daily lives of active, young, city dwelling consumers, and sought to understand the pain points they face in a cold and rainy city. The study uncovered how this demographic commutes around the city, what other tasks they may do while commuting, the items they carry, their pain points and more.

GroupSolver’s AI-powered platform allowed the audience to share their ideas for the perfect jacket in a conversational survey. Respondents contributed their thoughts about how their ideal jacket would look, where they would place pockets, and which fabrics they prefer among other product features. The platform then simplified and quantified the data, transforming thousands of consumer quotes into meaningful insights and easy-to-read visual reports. It was no longer just data, but a customer story brought to life.

Finding the best-selling product features

The study dove even deeper and uncovered the jacket features that would impact the probability of purchase. GroupSolver’s discrete choice model invited respondents to choose from pairs of jacket concepts. The competing products presented different prices, lengths, and pocket locations, among other details. From each presented pair, respondents chose the product they are more likely to purchase. After they made their selection, the next randomized pair was shown, and the process was repeated up to eight times. These findings were used to build logistic regression to determine each feature’s impact on purchase likelihood. Ultimately, this gave the adidas TERREX team results to confidently make meaningful product decisions.

The adidas TERREX team collectively used GroupSolver’s data to build their new product inspired by consumers – the Xploric parka.

Say hello to the Xploric parka – adidas successful new jacket launch

This consumer-centric research led the adidas TERREX team to develop a weatherproof parka with an extensive pocket system under the Xploric product line. Its data-influenced design features zippered pockets that keep personal belongings dry and protect devices from freezing conditions, an adjustable hood and cuffs, and waterproof hand pockets.

GroupSolver’s study gathered more than just data; It gave the adidas TERREX team the opportunity to truly empathize with their customers and create solutions for their everyday challenges. Using AI and machine learning, GroupSolver quickly turned the answers to adidas TERREX’s research questions into meaningful insights for the brand. The voices of consumers are evident in nearly every feature of the new jacket, which certainly contributed to the jacket’s success.

Now, these insights will create a lasting impact beyond the Xploric parka project; The adidas TERREX team holds a stronger understanding of their target consumers, can use the data to inform future decisions, and will create more personalized connections with their consumers.

About the Client

Adidas, founded and headquartered in Germany, designs and manufactures shoes, clothing, and accessories for sports, athleisure, the outdoors and more. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world.

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