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DevOps engineer / System Administrator

Košice, Slovakia / Competitive Salary + Equity & Quarterly Bonus

Our engineering team based in Kosice, Slovakia is growing, and we are looking for great talent to join us. Read more to learn about product and tech stack, career path and benefits.

Build the Future of Market Research

GroupSolver is an online survey platform that helps customers gather and analyze both quantitative and qualitative insights through AI and crowd intelligence.

Our tech consists of modern, yet battle-tested technologies engineers like to work with.

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Career Path

You will be implementing partial tasks and having your code reviewed by more experienced colleagues. We will teach you best practices of engineering and continuous development. Additionally, you should be comfortable debugging code and reading technical documentation.

Mostly independent work on features is not an issue for you. You are also ready to help others within the team and do code reviews. You recognize the value of a good testing suite.

The core responsibility for you is to develop and improve even the most complex capabilities of our product. Additionally, you will suggest new technologies and help your teammates grow. We expect you to lead 1-2 less experienced colleagues. You are detail-oriented and can break designs into technical decisions. Communication with other teams is a must.

As a lead, you will orchestrate the development of multiple features, make technical decisions and strive for improvement of the product. You know when to take your time and when 'simple & effective' will do just fine.

About the position

What you will do

Architect, implement and test infrastructure in public cloud (GCP, Azure)

Uphold our high standards for code quality by participating in code review process

Share experience and help your teammates

Communicate and collaborate with engineers

Effectively work within the team

Who we are looking for:

Engineer with a strong tech knowledge and logical thinking

Experience with public cloud - GCP, Azure, AWS

Experience with serverless applications in public cloud

Experience with orchestration (Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Chef)

Basics of GIT, or similar versioning system

GroupSolver tech approach

Release features, not sprints

Rather being locked in a 2-week release cycle, we commit to small, incremental rapid-releases every time a feature is built and tested.

Help instead of blame

We strive to build a supportive environment where it’s OK to say I don’t know. We grow together by helping each other.

Avoid release nightmares

To reduce overtimes close to zero, we don’t plan releases before weekends and holidays. If occasional overtime is unavoidable, engineers are compensated with additional time-off.

Automate and conquer

We automate everything from infrastructure to deployment to testing. We strive to have no manual input in the process.

Don’t shy away from new tech

When we find a good technology that helps us solve a problem more efficiently, we are open to revisiting our tech stack.

Test sooner rather than later

A strong test coverage is very important for us. We don’t rush with building features at the expense of proper testing.


Stock options

Everyone who joins the team gets to own a part of GroupSolver.

Profit Sharing

Every quarter we share a part of the revenue with the whole team.

Flexible work hours

We let you plan the work around your schedule.

Remote friendly

Home or office? Whatever strikes your best work-life balance.

Family friendly

Plain and simple: Family always comes first.

Additional paid time off

We don’t work during winter holidays.

Let’s work together

Reach out to schedule a casual work interview. No HR, live coding, nor take-home assignments involved.

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