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We’re a group of driven and open-minded people that aren’t afraid to think outside the box or make mistakes. We tackle challenges head-on and never stop learning. Join the team that takes a new approach to problem-solving.

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What we do

We have brought together a diverse team of analysts, data scientists, and market research experts to transform the power of surveys and challenge the status quo. We reach greater insights into “why” to help the world make better and more impactful decisions.

Why we do it

There are always problems that need solving, and we believe the best way to tackle them is as a team. That’s why we created a group that can solve problems faster and more effectively– with the confidence of data-driven insights and authenticity of the human brain.

Our Offices

San Diego, CA

Our HQ with a diverse group of teams from Analytics to Marketing.

Lehi, UT

The Utah office offers strong Sales and Customer Support teams to join.

Košice, Slovakia

Our Slovakia office is home to several of our R&D and Technical teams.

Open Roles

Check out our open positions and find out how you can start your journey at GroupSolver®. Are you passionate about market research but don’t see a role listed? Email us

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Understand how specific attributes of the brand resonate with your potential and current customers.
Built-in live presentation solution.
Survey size:
• Up to 3000 completes per study
• Over 4000 completes monthly
Great for multi-language studies, trackers, market segmentations and others.
Research services:
10 included hours typically cover study design, programming, collection, monitoring and LiveSlides™ report.
Access packages:
• Unlimited teams and users
• Single sign-on (SSO) support
• Customized billing
• Unlimited API access