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Q2&3 Product Update: making your research experience not-so-spooky

Oct 25, 2023
Groupsolver product

This time of year can be chilling and frightening, but one thing for sure is that with our latest product updates, we will make your research lives much less spooky šŸ‘» Our development team has been hard at work to improve functionalities and add cool new features– read up on them below!

HaloGraphā„¢ data tables are now available

A few months ago we released our kick-ass new data visualization: The HaloGraphā„¢ šŸ˜‡ This tool gives you three layers: themes, answers, and responses, and it provides a drill-down view to explore the data in more detail. Users can now also open data overlay to review data on individual levels in a hierarchical table. The overlay contains shortcuts to copy the data to the clipboard and to open the specific dataset in AI Open-End manager and edit themes.

Learn more about HaloGraphā„¢ in our video below:

So, what else is new?

Community panels: Researchers will have an option to upload a list of customers with attributes (such as age, country, etc.) and invite these customers to take surveys.

Lists: Lists provide a way to upload and store your data and dynamically use it in a study.

  • List filters: Data stored in lists can be narrowed down based conditions built on data from a community panel, or answers provided by respondents
  • List forwarding to Matrix questions: Options in matrix questions can be dynamically populated with the data stored in lists.
  • Loops: Loops cycle through lists and ask questions for each list item. Users can also build conditions in loop modules.
  • Randomize list items order: Users can randomize or pin list items in List module. Questions with options can keep the items order from input list or randomize the options every time theyā€™re presented.
  • Dynamic label in ā€œOtherā€ option generated from list: Itā€™s now possible to display dynamic label based on respondent data in options generated from lists.

Maxdiff: Maxdiff questions can be added to study flow in study design page. Dashboard users can specify number of items per one round as well. This new question option operates similarly to a Choice question, making it familiar to users.

Segmentation typing tool: Each study can have multiple segmentation typing tools set up and each is recalculated on every study recalc (triggered by new complete, excluding respondents in respondent manager or by updating segmentation typing tool settings).

Study preview messages: Preview message is displayed only in Draft studies and Libraries.

Study language translations: Study translations are exported as xlsx files and translations import accepts xlsx files.

Segment statistics report: Segment statistics report takes all segments from study and displays them in a column chart, available in LiveSlides only

AI Open-Endā„¢ Follow-Up (V1): Create follow up conditions based on what respondent typed in during AI Open-Endā„¢ ideation phase. This helps researchers dive even deeper

New languages: We speak your language. We have added Romanian and Igbo to our capabilities.

Quality of life improvements

  • Heatmap data is now accessible in ALL data downloads
  • Data download improvements in SPSS
  • Selected Studies in LiveSlides are now on top
  • Improved respondent experience
  • Better sentence splitter and faster AI services
  • Fewer network calls for your respondents

Chat with us šŸŽƒ

If you have any feedback or feature requests you’d like to share, chat with us at We’re always happy to hear from you!!

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