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Get transformative insights with an online survey platform
that thinks for itself

From quick pulse checks to large global surveys, we’ve got your back.

We’ll help you

Test new business ideas and hypotheses

More important than knowing if customers like your new concept is to know why. We’ll uncover how your audience feels about your new ideas.

Explore Concept Testing

Uncover how people view your brand

How does your audience feel about your brand? What do they associate with your brand? We’ll help you figure that out and more.

Explore Brand Perception

Create something customers want

Whether you are testing a new product or creating a brand, we give your customers a chance to tell you how they feel and what they wish to see.

Explore Product Development

Understand your customers

Ask your customers what they really think and what moves them. We will help you build customer profiles beyond simple demographic segments.

Explore Customer Segmentation

Determine if the price is right

Nothing’s worse than realizing you didn’t price your product right. We help you understand what the perfect price point is for your customers.

Explore Pricing Research

Know your brand's worth

It’s challenging to know if your brand is helping or hurting your company’s success. We make it easy to determine your brand’s value.

Explore Brand Equity

Keep your employees happy

Understand the pulse of your company by understanding your team’s goals, challenges and needs. Increase their engagement by giving them the voice they deserve.

Explore Employee Experience

The online survey solution
you need

We discover the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ behind your
burning research questions.

See How it Works

1. Ideation

Open-ended questions are
answered by respondents in their
own words.

2. Evaluation

Answers are evaluated by other respondents to understand which responses are most agreed upon.

3. Synthesis

Our platform uses AI to
automatically quantify the answers
and organize them into themes.

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Respondent Experience Researcher Experience

The GroupSolver® Difference

Less talking, more listening. Understand your customers
and uncover their stories.

Fast, real-time insights

No more manual text coding. Our platform organizes answers into themes and calculates their statistical support as data is being collected, saving you time and effort.

Smart qualitative research

Built with brains, our platform uses a blend of machine learning and crowd intelligence to quantify qualitative data. No need to guess how your customers truly think.

Flexible for your needs

We offer various plans that fit your budget and research needs. And if you don’t immediately find what you are looking for, contact us and we’ll work it out.

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Understand how specific attributes of the brand resonate with your potential and current customers.
Built-in live presentation solution.
Survey size:
• Up to 3000 completes per study
• Over 4000 completes monthly
Great for multi-language studies, trackers, market segmentations and others.
Research services:
10 included hours typically cover study design, programming, collection, monitoring and LiveSlides™ report.
Access packages:
• Unlimited teams and users
• Single sign-on (SSO) support
• Customized billing
• Unlimited API access